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The only
subscription box for runners where you can earn a finishers medal!

Challenges to inspire you. Gear and goodies to reward yourself. Complete series to score the finisher kit!

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Easy to get started

Hassle-free sign up in just a few clicks and you'll be on your way to start the series

Keeps you motivated

Our monthly challenges will get you out running whether you are just a beginner or a seasoned veteran

Get cool swag

Each month we'll send you a box of swag - stuff you can use to keep you inspired, motivated and injury free

Be a healthier you

Complete the series and you'll not only get a finishers shirt and medal to show off your hard work, but you'll be a healthier you!

What is Fun Run Box?

When you sign up, your first box is an amazing welcome kit stuffed with

- The official Fun Run Box tech training shirt
- Essentials that you'll need to keep you hydrated, fueled and ready to go!
- Most importantly your box will contain your VERY FIRST CHALLENGE!
- You'll also gain access the the exclusive Fun Run Box Facebook group where you can meet others, discuss challenges and keep motivated.

Fun Run Box is not just another runner snack box, we challenge you to push your limits! It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran, we want you to use the challenge cards every month to push your self to run a little farther, run a little harder, or simply try something new.

Each subsequent month a new box is sent to you with a monthly fun running themed challenge, a unique challenge complete magnet (collect them all!) and 4 - 6 running products (may include gear and/or snacks).

The 6th monthly box is the awesome series finisher kit that includes the Fun Run Box long sleeve technical finisher shirt, finisher medal, and a snack to enjoy. The following month, a new 6 month series starts the fun all over!

How it works

1. Subscribe and configure your preferences

Sign up in just a few clicks and you'll be on your way to start the series

2. Get the training kit

Your first box will contain a tech training shirt along with some essentials to get you started

3. Complete the challenges

Continue working towards the finishers kit by trying the challenges we send you. You'll also enjoy 4 - 6 running products in each box.

4. Finish the challenge series

Receive your finishers tech shirt, medal and goody box, then restart

What's inside the box?

Every month we craft running challenges, curate running products, and ship them directly to your door. We are more than just a monthly subscription box though, we challenge you to complete the challenges each month as part of our series and work your way to the finisher kit. Finishers get a long sleeve finisher shirt and medal! Get the training shirt when you sign up and then work your way to the series finisher medal and shirt

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What people say about Fun Run Box

I was really impressed with the selection of items I received, I also really love the idea behind the challenges. I wont lie, I’m lazy and needed motivation and this type of motivation is great. The card is broken down weekly by day and features some REALLY easy work outs. The point system is great(You get 1 point per workout and 1/2 put if you try but don’t complete, your goal is to reach 30 points). Fun Run Box is like no other subscription box I have seen.

A box like this is a perfect gift for someone trying or keeping up with a running regimen. We love the challenge and how each box brings you closer to completing the "series".

I thought it was well rounded and would be a nice gift for a runner. They have plans for runners of all levels, but I think it would be most motivating for those who are just getting started.

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